Abandoned Youth

6th - 12th Grades

Welcome to Youth Ministry

Youth have real problems. These problems need real solutions and require real life change.

Your student will engage in discussions and will be asked difficult questions to spark lasting change.

They will experience messages created to connect with them. They will know the truth of God's Word, the comfort of His Holy Spirit, and will be empowered with boldness to pursue change.

Abandoned Students are generational change agents. Your students will be transformed and equipped to positively influence their friends, family, schools, and cities.

Although they will build lasting friendships, this is not a social club; this is a ministry that will change them for eternity.

How will your student grow?

One Hope
One Hope

First, your student will learn that our one hope on this earth is Jesus Christ. Change begins here: when our sin meets our savior.

One By One
One By One

Salvation and baptism are just the beginning. Your student’s faith is made perfect through a daily decision to follow and pursue Jesus. The decisions that they make, the friends they choose, and the mentors and teachers that surround them will spur them forward in their relationship with Christ. They will learn scripture, they will become more bold in their gifts, and they will grasp their callings and purposes on this earth.

One Mission
One Mission

Finally, when they are equipped they must go. Faith without works is dead. Action is a product of a genuine relationship with Christ. When they go into their spheres of influence, their friends, families and schools will be changed.

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