Abandoned Groups

Why join an abandoned group?

Abandoned groups are necessary for growth in the Christian walk. You simply cannot grow by spending an hour and a half at church four times per month. As we read through the Book of Acts, which recounts the building and spreading of the church, it is apparent that much of the early church's growth was done through small groups that met in individual's homes. Christians came together to worship, have community, encourage one another, pray for one another, and provide for the needs of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Small groups play a vital role in the vision of Abandoned Church: one mission, one hope, one by one. In small groups, you will learn about Jesus Christ, who is our one hope. You will be discipled one by one. After you grow, you will go into your sphere of influence to bring about change. Your life matters and Jesus has something for you to accomplish on this earth. Once you discover that, you will have one mission to advance the kingdom of God. You will meet people that you genuinely want to do life with, that challenge you in your walk, who are there for you in your moments of pain, and who will encourage you to mature in the faith.

So, are you ready to grow?

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