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First let’s get coffee. No seriously, let’s connect and see why God has strategically placed you at Abandoned Church.

Growth Track

At Abandoned Church, you will grow. Our vision is, “to be a church pursuing a relationship with the same God that took 12 men and reached every corner of the world. We seek the lost, disciple the found, and send the equipped to all corners of the earth for the glory of God.” To fulfill this vision you must grow in your relationship with Christ and share that growth with others. We are serious about stewarding and discipling the people that God sends us. After you get connected we have a three part growth track that will help you understand and act on the calling that God has on your life.

Join Our Team

We are one team operating to advance God’s kingdom on the Earth. Part of our growth track is understanding and using the gifts that God has given you. These teams will give you the space to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and will connect you with “your people”. We promise, they’re awesome.

Hi, how can we connect?
Hopefully one our links below can answer any questions you may have. If not please fill out a connect card and we will be in touch.